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Looking for Linkshell - EU Evenings
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By Tenketsa 2021-12-07 07:59:34
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Hey guys, I have been floating in an out of FFXI as a solo'er for the last few years, but am finding it hard to get some of the MID-Higher tiers stuff done e.g. Vagary, OMEN, Geas Fete, Dyna-D. Most of the stuff I have done I have done so solo but would really like to find a group that does this stuff regularly. Currently I am on Lakshmi server but am willing to move if need be. I have shouted for help somewhat but all I get is mercs replying which is of no interest to me.

Main Jobs:
PLD with Aegis, Priwen and Excalabur - Master lv. 5
SAM Master Lv.20 still building
GoldSmith: 103 -> Escutcheon Lv.3

RDM (probably less gimp, than the pld in fairness)
Fishing: 93
Synergy: 66