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Returning Player - Weapon Advice
Serveur: Bahamut
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user: Sobius
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By Bahamut.Sobius 2019-03-27 20:39:54
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Hello All,

I have looked over Prothescar's Guide to BLU as I have returned to playing FFXI. I always loved BLU and strived to play it well - I am struggling a bit understanding the weapon progression now.

Currently, I am rocking the Schnedick +1 set while eyeing some ambuscade gear (I have a supportive LS) but I'm a bit stuck on which weapons to pursue. Currently I have the Homestead Blade and an Eminent Scimitar.

Wondering if an Ambuscade Weapon is worth it, and if there are easy to acquire improvements? I have always been a "long game" thinker and so would like to eventually do my Almace to 119, but clearly have a lot to do before then.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

By Jetackuu 2019-03-27 20:48:35
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You're rocking what set?

Also yes get the ambu sword.
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By Lakshmi.Buukki 2019-03-27 20:56:05
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Ambuscade weapon is certainly worth it and it's a good short term goal. In the interim, you'll want something 119 ilvl, that doesn't require Superior rank to wear (I assume you don't have the job points to use su2 gear yet).

If you are planning on buying a weapon with Gil, I'm sure you can find someone to help you get a tanmogayi from sarama or colada from Ironside, if you have access to Reisenjima. Should only run you a few million Gil which is cheap compared to the quality of sword you're getting.

If you're the adventurous type who would prefer to hunt for your own weapons and the progress through the gear ranks, you can get some use out of anahera saber from AAHM HTBF, or a Buramenk'ah from Tojil in delve. There's also a HTBF sword from Fenrir that's decent. May be able to shout for a party to get it. If you can enter escha, there's nibiru sword and iris you can get some assistance with, both of which are very good swords for your current range right now. It will require some higher level help to accomplish.

If those options are out of reach for you currently, you can participate in a wildskeeper reive in morimar basalt fields and get a decent sword from there. It's level 115, though.

You can skip all of that, though, if you can grind through ambuscade and work on getting the gear and weapon from there. Naegling is very nice and attainable, just might take a while. That's going to probably give you the highest return on your investment besides a rema sword.
Serveur: Shiva
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user: auron86
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By Shiva.Spynx 2019-03-27 21:12:17
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I'd also recommend looking into Nibiru Blade. It's still a really solid starting option that doesn't require luck for augmentations and you should be able to kill Zitah T2 with some friends. Of course if colada is within your reach can skip directly there.