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A GEO Gearswap...
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By KyLouie16 2020-03-15 08:05:11
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I just wanted to say Elizabet that I REALLY appreciate all the obvious time and effort you have put into making something as awesome as this. I just started an alt Geo, and was looking for an incredibly tough lua. I feel like this far exceeds anything else I could have found out there. So again, thank you thank you thank you.

Something I noticed mentioned in previous posts was about entrusted sets. Essentially all you really need there is the solstice over Idris. I know in another lua I saw the following line.

sets.midcast['Entrusted Indi'] = set_combine(sets.midcast.Indi,{main="Solstice"})

Would this be all someone would need to include in their geo gear lua in order to make this work, or does it need some additional coding somewhere else to make happen?

SO I went and tried this with other gear (because I don't have idris yet) and it didn't work. But then I found someone elses geo luo that does have this option, I just don't know how to take the part out of their lua and make it work in your lua. Here is the section in their lua that I think needs to be added in your lua, but I don't know how to take just the section needed for entrusted spells.

if spell and spell.english and string.find(spell.english,'Cur') then
elseif spell.english == 'Impact' then
weathercheck(spell.element,set_combine(sets.midcast['Elemental Magic'][macc_level][mp_efficiency],sets.Impact))
elseif spell.english:sub(1,4) == 'Geo-' then
elseif spell.english:sub(1,5) == 'Indi-' then
if buffactive.Entrust then
equip(sets.midcast["Entrusted Indi"])

elseif sets.midcast[spell.name] then
elseif spell.skill == 'Elemental Magic' then
weathercheck(spell.element,sets.midcast['Elemental Magic'][macc_level][mp_efficiency])
if sets.ElementalMagicMAB[spell.element] then
elseif spell.skill then
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By KeyneLeviathan 2020-03-15 09:49:55
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Does it move the bubble automatically? I’ve only found one that moves it if you move too far from the bubble itself not the monster.
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By KyLouie16 2020-03-29 20:42:41
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Maybe someday the OP will respond to my post...