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Pseudo Tabula Rasa
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By Asura.Icewell 2016-11-04 03:01:57
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This post is intended for sch and cor doing endgame skillchains. I thought I would put it in the sch sections because sch might not be thinking in terms of what a cor would be doing. That being said, it's just as relevant for cors to know this as well.

I'm also writing this because it's better to have this knowledge on hand before going into a fight so every one is on the same page. This isn't rocket science but getting everyone on the same page during a fight just wastes time.

This is assuming there are 2 sch and one cor.

random deal > full strats
super revitalizer > random deal > full strats
wild card > full strats and random deal for cor
random deal > full strats

The other part that is essential to this is that both sch alternate doing skillchains. This is so that both are as close to spending all of their strats as possible. If they take turns doing 3 skillchains at a time, then when the cor does random deal/wild card, the other sch that's been sitting there isn't getting as many strats back.
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By Sylph.Jeanpaul 2016-11-04 03:27:10
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A mindful COR is also an extremely useful SC partner. While most are aware of Leaden Salute's potential for phenomenal dark damage and Grav property, Aeolian Edge + Immanence can be used to make a SC for every element:

Fire > Aeolian = Fusion
Aeolian > Noctohelix = Gravitation
Luminohelix > Aeolian = Distortion
Thunder/Noctohelix/Stone/Aeolian > Aeolian/Aero = Detonation
Water/Blizzard > Aeolian = Impaction