Equipement Selection Of Lv 37 To Lv74

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equipement selection of Lv 37 to Lv74
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By samahel 2010-04-30 07:54:30
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hihi all :D

well i have a question i Lv up sam ( second job )
atm Lv 70
generaly in pt im sam/war ( /thf exceptional )

my set TP is that:

my set WS Y/G ( i dont have kasha again need Lv71 >.< )
is same but i swap:
hachiman kote > horomusha kote ( att+15 )
shimusha haydate > sipahi zereh ( str+2 agi+3 )
fuma kyahan > sipahi boots ( str+1 agi+1 )

oh and i dont have O.hat need run and kill :P

well my question is :
do you thing i need to buy/farm/craft some gear before my Lv75

or can i wait my Lv75 for equip my sam better ? askar/brutal/iota/byakko/etc.... i have some piece yet but i would like to know if i must invest on some gear

and other question ( idk if she ll be ask )
when i WS i only need STR and acc right for my sam or i need other stat ( for example VIT or AGI or DEX )
DEX i think yes 2DEX = 1acc right ? but nor sure for other stat

thank you for reply
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By Siren.Scottyb 2010-04-30 08:10:27
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Hi there, in short Id say your ok to farm and stuff once you reach 75.

Its nice to be able to equip your gear as soon as you hit 75 but unless your expecting to take your Samurai to fight higher lvl nms like HNM or gods or something then you'll be fine as you are.

A quick few improvements I can see are:

Im pretty sure that alky bracelets will be better than horomusha for WS (and pallas if you cant get alky just yet)

And for you legs I think AF with the Str +3 will beat sipahi and Af isnt expensive either so its a nice cheap boost.