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blu spell set
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By Xxpoure 2018-11-04 16:24:00
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im looking for an updated version of your DD blu spell list ... and your aoe setups ... i used the guide from a beast within

Zahak Reborn (Highest Tier DD Spec)
Point Requirement: 80 and 1200 JP gift
Delta Thrust
Barbed Crescent
Empty Thrash
Heavy Strike
Thrashing Assault
Sudden Lunge
Diffusion Ray
Sickle Slash
Tail Slap
Sinker Drill
Paralyzing Triad
Nature’s Meditation
Anvil Lightning
Erratic Flutter
Magic Fruit
Tenebral Crush

on me that makes up 81 points not 78 like it says or am i doin some thing wrong??? let me know please guys >< heh
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By Shiva.Francisco 2018-11-04 18:11:57
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The spell sets are still pretty much relevant, but shouldn’t be set in stone. Stuff like Anvil Lightning can be swapped out for spells like Blank Gaze, Occultation, White Wind, Barrier Tusk, Saline Coat, Dream Flower, etc - depending on what you’re doing. The set as is mainly focuses on going all out DD.

Zahak Reborn is typically my starting point, but it’s rare that I use that exact set. I think right now I’m going without Erratic Flutter (do your job, Koru-Moru!) and Anvil Lightning because I’m trying to get Escha torques for my alt, and Warder of Loyalty is a total *** with his drop rates. So I’ve got Charged Whisker, Everyone’s Grudge, and Amorphic Spikes up. And Chaac Belt getting some love.

With the nuking sets, you have a lot of room to add extra stuff - either more INT/MAB, extra nukes, survival spells, or Treasure Hunter.