Exact Effects Of Various Fishing Items

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Exact effects of various fishing items
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By Kisagotami 2016-07-12 20:49:46
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The incoming 0x115 packet tells the client the parameters of the fishing mini-game when you hook a fish. I've figured out exactly what each part of the packet means. Here's the code for an addon that will display the info from any incoming 0x115 packets:

The addon will display the following info...
  • hp: This is the HP of the fish.

  • arrow time: This is how long any given arrow is displayed. I'm not certain what unit it's in, but the min is 1 and the max is 15.

  • auto-regen: This is the auto-regen or auto-drain rate for the fish. A value of 128 means there is no auto-regen or auto-drain. Bellow 128 is auto-drain with lower values being faster drain. Above 128 is auto-regen with higher values being faster regen.

  • movement: This how often the fish moves, or in other words, how often your fishing rod is not in the center. Again, not sure on the units but the min is 1 and max is 15.

  • drain: This is how much HP is drained when you pick the correct direction for an arrow.

  • regen: This is how much HP is regained when you pick the wrong direction for an arrow.

  • hook time: This is how long the fish will stay on the line before you lose it.

  • flags: This is a bit-field that tells the game which music to use and to display the light bulb for a critical bite.

  • gold arrows: This is how often you will get gold arrows. It appears to be the percentage.

With this information available I was able to figure out a few things...
  • Gold Arrow: drain * 2, regen / 4

  • Critical Bite: regen * 70%, gold arrows + 50

  • Mooching: auto-regen - 2, hook time + 30, gold arrows + 10

  • ebisu fishing rod and +1: auto-regen - 2

  • duck ring: gold arrows + 25, stacks with critical bite bonus (additive)

  • seagull ring: auto-regen - 3, ONLY when auto-regen > 128, in other words you have to be well bellow the fish level cap

  • heron ring: regen * 86.33%, stacks with critical bite and gold arrow bonuses (multiplicative)

  • penguin ring: arrow time + 2 (cap 15), movement + 2 (cap 15), the effect does NOT stack even though you can activate more then one Penguin Ring at a time

  • albatross ring: hook time + 30, stacks with Mooching bonus

  • Mega Moglification: Reduces the time from cast to bite by 1-2 seconds

What I'm working on now...
We already know that the auto-drain kicks in when you fishing skill is 13 above the cap for the fish, but I'd like to figure out how it increases beyond that. I've only done a little bit of testing so far but I've found that there are tiers that seem to differ from fish to fish. For instance for Crayfish which are level 7 cap, auto-drain kicks in at skill 20 which brings it down to 127, then at skill 27 it drops to 126, at skill 30 it drops to 125 and at skill 32 it drops to 124.

Some things I could use some help with...
  • duck ring: If you have two of them can you activate both and will the effects stack (gold arrows + 50)?

  • albatross ring: If you have two of them can you activate both and will the effects stack (hook time + 60)?

  • Moglification: I would love to know what "makes it slightly easier to reel in your catch" does.

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By Shiva.Kasaioni 2016-07-12 22:51:54
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Wow, fantastic work! I would really enjoy using this if using Windower didn't require me to do a fresh install of Windows 10 from disc right now (I'll have to force myself to bite that bullet eventually); so I can't really help you with your last few concerns. Still though, your hard work is appreciated.