Equipment Sharing Between Jobs.

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Equipment sharing between jobs.
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By Shiva.Ladyofhonor 2015-01-27 17:27:18
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So being a main THF isn't going to let me clear all content (shocker, right?) and I decided to branch out and hit a few jobs. My idea is to still conserve my inventory as much as possible, though. So I'm looking to get mostly gear that shares between multiple jobs. I'm going with THF/RUN/BLU/COR for my whole set. I'll have MAB gear to use on all 4 jobs, and ranged gear for THF and COR. My question to you guys is:

What is the "essential" COR-exclusive gear. I know there's the JSE ring(s) and the gun will be COR-only too, I doubt the Ramuh gun ranks at the top. Which AF/Relic/Empy+2 pieces do I absolutely need?

I'll be playing COR almost exclusively in group content that's anti-melee(Kamihr and Yorcia delves, likely Marjami as well), so what shooting gear do I need to focus on? Can COR regularly shoot? Or should I be going /mage and healing aside from QD and phantom rolls?

And what ranged gear can I share between THF and COR? THF is really more about landing bolts, since I don't think we've ever gotten an ilvl bolt, damage is pointless. But my atoyac is freed up and I can re-augment to whatever is best for COR, so I have that going for me.
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By Cerberus.Rabies 2015-01-27 17:38:42
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