Fishing In Adoulin

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Fishing in Adoulin
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By Wordspoken 2014-05-24 08:57:55
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I don't see any info on this. With Ionis giving various buffs (including better skill up rate), skilling up in Adoulin zones would be faster. I'd need to know where to go for it though... No info?
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By Ragnarok.Allslove 2014-06-27 10:38:28
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I'll help get the ball rolling on this.

My fishing skill was at 11 as of June 25th. On a whim I thought I'd try fishing in Western Adoulin at the docks near the Waterfront, using your same theory of quicker skillups via Ionis.

I got more skillups in 30 minutes getting my fishing to 14 than I did getting my fishing skill from 0-11 during the old fishing days.

Halcyon Rod / Composite Rod
Sabiki Rig

I caught Mackerel, Quus, Senroh Sardine (Small Fish), and Barnacles (Item message!) Composite Rod gave me the "Too Small" message for the fish.

For some reason, skill ups stopped abruptly when I hit 14.

I tried fishing in Eastern Adoulin to mix it up, but it's the same body of water (you can see the other side of town over the docks), so I fished up the same things.

I tried Rala Waterways earlier today, but all I could find with different baits were Crayfish and Moat Carp.