Anglers' Almanac.... Problem.

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Anglers' Almanac.... problem.
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Game: FFXI
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By Phoenix.Gylfie 2014-01-05 09:32:14
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All the documentation online I have been able to find about the Anglers' Almanac (very little by the way) says it's 20k from the fishing GP trader (Fennella)

Well, I acquired the GP and went to go snag it but, it's not listed in anywhere (including the Key Items section), also, I haven't previously purchased it either.

So my question is.. What the hell am I doing wrong? I'd love to be uncapped to 110 =/
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user: Inuyushi
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By Siren.Inuyushi 2014-01-05 09:49:55
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You have to talk to the Guild Master at Crafting Level 98+ in order for it to show in Fennella's menu. No offense, but the documentation is there. This is the same for every guild.

Look under Key Items. Best of luck
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By Toxiccreep 2014-01-05 19:10:13
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Thanks for the help, I had actually been on the Anglers' Almanac page which didn't say it. I'll edit that in, I figured if it was going to say it anywhere it would be on the page of the KI.

Regardless, I probably should have caught it. Thanks again, I actually found it myself before i made it back here @_@

Cheers mate.